Gestione Immobiliare per Istituzionali SA

Gestione Immobiliare per Istituzionali SA (GIpI SA) was established in 2017 as a spin-off of the Lugano Pension Fund, which is the current sole shareholder.


The assigned mission is to set up a service and expertise center for institutional investors, with particular regard to social security institutions, for a professional and effective management of their real estate portfolios.


Cassa Pensioni di Lugano has managed its properties for almost 100 years and since 1991 the income properties of the City of Lugano, thanks to a property management unit specially set up and developed for this purpose. Total assets of more than CHF 500 million. for a rent collection of approx. CHF 25 million. This unit has now become GIpI SA.

Professional management skills and experience for the owning pension institution are now made available to customers.


The administrative unit, located at the main office in via Carducci 4 in Lugano, has the necessary skills in every area of property management from a financial, accounting, contractual point of view and relations with tenants, craftsmen, authorities, insurance companies, etc.

It also has its own technical office.

The information they need to facilitate their decisions is made available to the company's interlocutors.

The necessary reports are regularly provided and the principals are assisted in the creation of medium and long-term operating and investment budgets, in assisting the auditors and recognized experts in the context of the regular valuations of the real estate assets.

The operating structure of the company is also based on the direct management of buildings through its own facility management service. With 6 full-time employees active in the custody/facility management service, the company's operations, unique in Ticino, also cover specific, extraordinary and on-call needs for custody and general property maintenance services. It also has its own fleet of machines for ordinary and extraordinary interventions on buildings.